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Who Are We?


While the team hails from different corners of the globe, each has found their way and made their home in the City of Angels.

With one of the most diverse ethnic makeups anywhere in the world and home to the world’s gourmet food truck scene, these [WEB-Heads] are always on the prowl for the latest culinary experience ranging from fine dining to the best in street cuisine, with occasional jaunts to international locales to pursue their culinary passion.

This also translates to the kitchen where each member tries valiantly to perfect techniques and recipes to share with others, using our friends and families as test subjects (they are all willing volunteers).


Meet the Foodies

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Hi, my name is Wendy and welcome to WorthEveryBite. I'm a proud native of the great city of Los Angeles and a self-proclaimed foodie. I decided to launch this site as my way of sharing my passion for home cooking, as well as dining out, with the world. It's my belief that food is one of the few pleasures in life that truly transcends culture and time. After working in a corporate environment, I decided I needed a passion project - and WorthEveryBite was born. With all of my foodie adventures, it was inevitable that I would parlay my knowledge into the world of wine. Several years ago I obtained my sommelier certification through the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET). It’s been quite the journey but I’m so excited to be able to share it with my readers!



• Spoiling my fur-babies
• Taking and Teaching Yoga
• Wine tasting

Foods + Drinks I Can’t Live Without

• Avocados
• Chablis Wine

Must Try Restaurants

•Honor Bar for their Chicken Sandwich!
• Sun nong dan




C. A.

A global citizen with an appreciation for classic, modern and experimental cuisine, C’s appetite for amazing food is only rivaled by his curiosity of cultures, people and traditions.

Foods + Drinks I Can’t Live Without

• Pizza
• Coffee

Must Try Restaurants

• Mulberry Pizza
• Ham Ji Park


• Coffee Aficionado
• Content Creation





Another rare LA born native! Eric has eaten his way around the US as well as over seas. Always down for a new experience or try a new cuisine. Even shooting snakes blood isn’t off the table! He should have his own show on Food Network. Andrew Zimmern watch out!



• Recreating dishes I love at home
• Spending time with Lago my pup

Foods + Drinks I Can’t Live Without

• Vietnamese food
• Whiskey

Must Try Restaurants

• Nam Vang
• Oyster Bar





“The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” - Marcel Proust



• Traveling
• Good music and good food

Foods + Drinks I Can’t Live Without

• Tacos
• Jameson

Must Restaurants

• Saigon Dish
• Nightshade